Darren Chick not a management consultant

Geneseo, New York 2 comments

Darren Chick pretends to be a consultant, but his skills are not commensurate with the task.He is a confidence man, and he will swindle your money.

Stay away from him. If you need to understand his character look no farther than his role model- his uncle absconded with money and dissapeared for 10 years- he is cut from the same cloth. He is an accomplished liar and will say anything to anyone, but his choices betray his character.

If you are looking for a professional, there are many to chose from, Darren Chick is not the right choice.Save yourself the trouble.



a croos between bernie ebbers and ken skilling- he is a front page scandal waiting to happen.


yeah I remember this guy.Personal Items would dissapear, he always had an excuse- but everyone knew it was him.

Total Thief And what a pain in the @#SS to deal with- get it in writing!The guy has scandal written all over him

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